For ambient evenings outdoors in the summer or Christmas lights around your entire house in winter – garden lighting is needed all-year-round. Ambience, atmosphere, convenience and safety are aspects that are significantly influenced by well-coordinated outdoor lighting. And the choice is huge:

  • LED wall lights – for entrances and the entire outdoor façade
  • LED ceiling lights – for canopies, summer houses, gazebos and carports
  • LED pendant lights – for sheltered terraces and balconies
  • LED bollard lights – for ensuring safety on your garden paths
  • LED pillar lights – for walls, terraces and paths
  • LED post lights – for well-kept parts of the garden that require expansive lighting
  • LED recessed floor lights – for driveways, flowerbeds, lawns and gravel
  • LED outdoor spotlights – for illuminating house façades and plants
  • LED solar lights – for anyone who doesn’t want to rely on mains electricity